Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Class Picnic Top

Last year my Mum and I had a crafternoon which surprisingly turned out to be quite productive.  She put the finishing touches to a quilt she had been making and I made the Class Picnic top from Oliver and S.  We were just going into some warmer weather so I thought the 3/4 sleeves would be perfect for that time of year.  I did intend to make the shorts too but unfortunately never got around to it, I guess I'll make them next year.
The fabric is a bit busier than something I would normally use but I was drawn to it in the shop.  I originally bought it for another pattern but decided it would be better suited to this one instead.  The colours are a pink and a brown and it actually co-ordinated well with many things in Little Miss' wardrobe. (PS she started "riding" her ladybird after watching Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.  So cute!)
Unfortunately I don't have a good shot of her wearing it as I took these before I started the blog.  The pattern went together nicely.  I think the best bit was the elastic at the shoulders.  It just magically worked and all the seams lined up nicely.  I love how Oliver and S patterns manage to do that.

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