Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lion Maeve Jumper

It's so nice to come back to an old favourite.

This is the Maeve Jumper by Whitney Deal.  I made three of these dresses last year and they were in high rotation.  The foxes one in particular was her favourite dress for the longest time.

I was way overdue making another one and I reckon more may be close behind!  We've been planning a trip to the Zoo and so I foolishly mentioned to Freya I should make her a lion dress and showed her this Cotton and Steel fabric I've been hoarding for over a year.  I haven't really heard the end of it since so at least she'll be happy now!

This is the size four and like all the others, it sewed together like a dream.  It's a roomy dress but that makes it perfect for layering with long sleeves in the cooler weather, or cooler sleeves while there's still a bit of warmth in the air.

I love how it's turned out.  Once again I used my trusty snaps, they're just so quick and easy!  I'm sure this will become a well worn dress too, just like the others!

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