Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Purple ESP Dress

This is one of those projects that sat nearly finished for far too long.

This is the ESP dress from Decades of Style.  It's another fit and flare style dress, which seems to be one of my favourite styles.  This is actually the second one I've made.  The first was a bit of a wearable muslin and it just didn't fit well.  I went a full size smaller and it's better but I think I may still need to tweak the bodice a little bit.

The fabric is some cloud 9 fabric I found in Spotlight.  It worked really well and had a bit of drape to it as well.  Purple is a colour I don't ever really wear, but this shade was just lovely, even though it hasn't photographed as well as I'd hoped.

The dress itself went together smoothly.  I made great progress until all I had to do was the facing and hems but it sat unfinished for months.  In the end I just decided to finish it quickly one day and I don't think I did some of my best sewing on the neckline, but at least I got it finished.

In the end I'm regretting not finishing it earlier, while the weather was still warm.  I'm thinking I'll still wear it layered in the Winter, as I do all my dresses.

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