Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Purple Frederique Dress

 This is the new Compagnie M Frederique Dress, an instabuy as soon as I saw it!

It's a wrap dress, a style I've never really made before so I thought I'd get Freya to wear it for a day before I rushed out to make a second one. 

For this one I kept it pretty simple and left off the collar and sleeves.  I didn't have enough lining to fully line it as the instructions, so I just lined the bodice.  It all seemed to work out OK but there's a couple of corners and edges I'm not 100% happy with so I'll try to fully line the next one.

This is some Cotton and Steel Fabric I have sewn with before.  Freya and I liked that dress so much, that we (and I mean we!) decided she needed another purple dress as she grew out of the old one.  I'd actually bought some more a while back with another dress in mind, but luckily it's worked out nicely for this one.  I picked out some mustard for a contrast tie.

Construction and pattern wise, it's pretty good as usual from Compagnie M.  There's a few options to choose from and I liked not having to worry about zippers or buttons for a change. I made a size 5 for my growing girl and it is a little roomy but not too gapey.  It all stayed together and didn't unravel as she ran and jumped around in it, which was a little concern of mine.  When it does get cooler, I think this will layer nicely.

A certain someone also recently has been able to jump, with both feet off the ground, for the first time.  So now that's all she wants to do which can lead to some interesting photos...  So proud of this girl! A small achievement for some but huge for us :) 


  1. Oh congrats on jumping :) You go girl :) The dress turned out lovely. I like the idea of a wrap dress and was keen to give it a go also until my very vocal 6 y.o. demanded no straps haha Mustard compliments the purple floral print nicely.

  2. Thanks. It's fun when they start getting vocal about their clothing. Freya has been known to say "no, that's yuck/boring" in shops when I've shown her some fabrics...

  3. Love the one sock and the dress!