Thursday 19 October 2017

Rushbrook Dress

Hi! I'm delighted today to be taking part in the Blogtour for the new pattern by Titchy Threads, The Rushbrook dress and top.

Before Laura contacted me, I had looked at this pattern a few times and it was great to have an excuse to bump it up to the top of my sewing pile.  

Freya is going through a very anti-ruffles and frills stage at the moment.  She's not even considering flutter sleeves so I knew my version was going to be on the plain side.  I had lots of ideas floating around in my head but in the end I went with this Cotton and Steel print.  I knew the bold print would be a good match with the simplicity of the design.

As you can't wrong with red and blue, I used red fabric for the placket and hem facing.  I love that little pop of colour! 

Sewing with bias binding is never my favourite thing to do and I was a little intimidated by the thought of the placket, but the instructions were very clear.  Just be careful where to put your markings, making sure if it's supposed to be on the right or wrong side of the fabric!

This was the first Titchy Threads pattern I've made and I was impressed by how everything lined up nicely.  The instructions include french seams and using a hem facing so the dress is finished beautifully inside and out.

The dress also has a lovely racerback.  It will be great for us Aussies in the Summer but I think would layer nicely for colder weather too.

Freya had been nagging me for a "plain pink skirt" and wasn't too pleased when I made this first.  I think she got over it though and had some fun posing for photos! 

Thank you so much to Laura for inviting me on this tour.  Don't forget to check out some of the other lovely versions made by these talented seamstresses.

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  1. This is beautiful Alex, the bold repeating print works so well, and red was a great choice for the contrast. Your daughter has such a sweet smile, I love the twirling photo. Thanks so much for being on the tour!