Saturday, 19 July 2014

Parsley Pants

When this pattern was released Freya was too small for the smallest size, and I looked forward to the day I could make these for her.  The Parsley Pants Pattern is a great simple pattern with lots of options.  You only need to cut two pieces to make the basic pants and it's a really easy, straightforward sew.  My favourite option is the flat front waistband. I find I will always prefer that option with any skirts and pants that I make.  It's fast become a staple pattern for me.

The first pair I made I used a thin chambray denim from Spotlight.  They were a great pair of pants for spring as they weren't too thick.  They looked great with t-shirts or fancier tops and got a lot of wear.
The next pair I made were very pink and flowery! This time I included the pockets and the pinstripe down the centre.  The photos don't really do them justice but the details look really cute.

The next pair have been the most worn yet.  Just a plain denim I had left over from making a skirt for myself.  I included the pockets and lined them with some fabric matching an ice-cream top I had made.  They looked great as a set but she has also worn them with many things.

Finally the last pair were made up of some cotton drill I had used for a dress for Little Miss.  They look especially good with a red top but the fabric is a bit thinner than I would have liked for a pair of winter pants.  Fortunately so far the winter here had been fairly mild so they've gotten some wear.

As you can probably guess this is one of my most used patterns.  I'm not a fan of the skinny jean trend for me or for Freya and they don't fit over Freya's AFO.  This is most certainly a staple pattern for me and I have plans for many more, I think I'm even going to try lining some with flannelette to make some warmer pants.

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