Saturday, 7 February 2015

Tiger Del Ray Bolero

I have seen Cotton and Steel fabric everywhere at the moment and this is my turn to jump on the band wagon.  I walked past this fabric lots of time at the shop and it really didn't appeal much to me if I'm honest.  It's amazing how fabric can do that sometimes on one day and then the next you most definitely NEED it right then and there!  That's what happened here.

I decided to make the Cali Faye's Del Ray Bolero.  I bought a metre but that was far too much.  For the little sizes I reckon you get get away with 1/2 of main and 1/2 of lining.  This actually worked out for the best though as I made the wrong size to start with.  After making their Marina romper which I found quite generous, I just sewed up the size 2.  But I wasn't really happy with the fit.  I know it's a cropped jacket but it just didn't sit as nicely as I'd hoped on the Miss.  Luckily I have a friend with a one year old daughter that it fit nicely and I still had plenty left to sew up a size 3.

The bolero went together quite well.  I didn't pay too much attention to where the print was cut but other than a few unfortunate places it still worked well.  The sleeves took a little bit of figuring out as I'd not lined a top like that before, but with a bit of mangling I got there in the end.  After making it the second time it all went together even faster!

It's great for those cooler times in Summer (which we seem to be having a lot of so far!) and I think it would still layer nicely for Winter.  Freya really likes it and growls like a tiger whenever I put it on her.
It has a lovely pleat detail on the back.


  1. Nice jacket, I totally get your point about fabric not appealing at first but then it grows on you. I often have that, the opposite also happens though, I just need to have a fabric, but then when it sits in my stash I seem to loose interest...

  2. Really cute. I've seen this fabric online and I know my daughter would LOVE it. Sometimes fabrics just grow on you, don't they.

    1. They really do, I'd almost like to get some more...