Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Daphne Top and Parsley Pants

The other day I happened to look at Freya and notice that her clothes, especially her pants were definitely in the getting too small category!  This kid has just shot up!

Some new pants and tops were in order!  For the pants I went with old faithful, the Parsley Pants pattern from Made-by-Rae.  It is such a quick and easy sew and I can whip them up in one nap time.   I also love the more wide legged style.  I still find the shops are full of skinny jeans for kids and they just won't fit over Freya's leg brace.  For this pair I used some denim I had left over in the stash and made a straightforward size 3.  They are a little long at the moment but I'll just fold them up for a while I reckon.  

The top is the Daphne top from Cottage Mama patterns.  I made one of these a while ago and always meant to make more but never did.  I went for the basic top version without any piping and I think it highlights the print nicely.  This is a size 3 and it was a lot more fitted than I thought it would be.  Still looks cute though.

The top is a wrap around style and fairly easy to sew.  You sew the side seams on the main fabric and lining and then sew one continuous seam along the edge and turn right side out.  The trickiest thing I reckon was making sure the snaps were all in the right place, luckily I'd remembered to put the marks on from the pattern.


  1. Great outfit and I love the top, I think your version is pretier than the promotional ones on the site!

    1. Thank you very much! You are always so kind :)