Sunday, 5 July 2015

Washi Dress with Collar

I finally got around to some more sewing for myself!

This is a Washi dress that I have had cut out for AGES!  A little while ago I did a mass cutting out session and cut out loads of things.  I have found though that almost has felt like sewing has been a bit of a chore and I've wanted to make other things before these.   I've learned that should just cut out as I'm ready to sew things so I don't get distracted...

The Washi dress pattern by Made-by-Rae was the very first thing I made for myself a couple of years back.  It is still one of my favorite patterns, especially with the extension pack that was released.  This is the version with some cap sleeves and the pointed collar.  

I have found in the past the neckline gaped a bit for me so I was a bit lazy and graded this pattern at the shoulders to use the smaller sized neckline.  This probably wasn't the proper way to do this but it's worked well.

Instead of the shirring at the back I used the elastic casing and it has worked well.  I was a bit worried while I was sewing it that it might look a bit drab.  I think the collar certainly has helped though and it got a nice comment from the husband so that made me feel much better about it.  Now I'm regretting putting off sewing it for so long!


  1. Lovely dress. I only cut what I will sew the same day or the the next. My plans change regulalry so this way I will not end up with cut projects that will never be finished.

    1. Thanks, I'm going to have to stop planning too far ahead!