Monday, 17 August 2015

Roller Skate Dress with Purple Flowers

I've sewn a few more dressier dresses lately and fancied making something a bit more everyday for a change.

This is the Oliver and S Roller Skate dress in a size three. It's a simple, yet lovely sew.  It is supposed to have a full lining but I didn't quite have enough so I just used the tunic length for the lining and it's worked perfectly.  Unless I'm using something very thin I think I will do this from now on with this pattern.

The fabric is some Cotton and Steel.  I have a serious weakness for that range of fabrics!  I was shopping with my Mum when I saw this and asked her what she thought.  She got a funny smile and said "I've been dreaming of the day when you start sewing with flowers"!  This made me laugh as I suppose in the past I have leaned towards other fabrics over florals, whereas she always picks out more flowery fabrics herself.

Teddies and the Monkey had to be in on the action today.  She grew very attached to the two teddies very early on, and the monkey is a new addition to the favourites.  They have to go EVERYWHERE with us now!

I'm happy with the fit but it is a little generous around the neck and shoulders.  It still looks sweet though.  I love the cap sleeve shape to this dress.  When the weather is a bit warmer I always like a little bit of coverage on the shoulders so this will be great when it eventually warms up.

 I actually really like this fabric.  I was able to squeeze an itty bitty baby dress out of this fabric too for my brand new niece.  That dress is miles too big for her at the moment but she'll fit it one day.  I'm also tempted to get some for myself and have a bit of colour in my wardrobe for a change...