Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Spots and Stripes Geranium

For today's photo shoot Freya decided to perform a ballet dance for you all

I raced home after picking her up from Childcare to take these photos so please excuse the bad lighting.  This is a bit of an unusual sew for me. I found the fabric choices quite bold, for my usual tastes but I love how it's turned out.

The fabric is a Cotton and Steel stripe.  I first saw it when my local quilt shop posted a picture of their new stock on Instagram.  I was immediately thinking a Geranium dress with a blue bodice, but when I saw the navy sprinkle fabric I decided to step out of my comfort zone and put them together.

When I do mix prints I tend to match a print with a solid, and this may not seem all that adventurous to some but it is a bit of a change for me.

The dress is a size three Geranium dress by Made-by-Rae.  I think this has to be my most used pattern.  It's great for creating everyday dresses but also things for special occasions.  It's definitely my most trusted pattern and it always turns out great.  I was thinking of using the gathered skirt but I just love those pleats...

It all went together very quickly and without any problems.  There was only one side where the stripes didn't quite match as perfectly as I would have liked them to.

I was planning on using white snaps but went with these nickel ones instead.  I like how they complement the dress and don't stand out too much.

I was so relieved Freya put on such a good show this afternoon.  She can be such a grump after coming home from Childcare.  She absolutely loves it and playing with the other kids and carers but it sure wears her out.  She was very excited to come home with a lolly bag from one of the kids today.

 And finally Freya would like to say "Thank-you much"  for watching her show.

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