Friday, 2 October 2015

A monochrome outfit

'A little while ago Oliver and S started a monochrome challenge, with the idea to sew something in black and white using their patterns.

At first I had plans of looking for prints and patterns but when I actually got to the shops I kept coming back to this simple dotty fabric.

I had thought originally to make a class picnic set, but as is my usual way of working, I ended up with something completely different.  I made a cap sleeve version of the Butterfly blouse with some culottes,

I'd forgotten how much I LOVE this culottes pattern.  This is a size two that I'd cut out ages ago, but never got round to making.  I made them with a narrower hem but it fits well.  It's quite a generous sizing for this so the ones I made last year are still being worn.

I almost pulled my hair out sewing the back elastic waistband.  I kept losing the end of the elastic when I got to end of threading it through,  At one point I lost both ends and had to unpick the wasitband!  Finally I got it done after, I will admit, some growling and throwing it to the side.

The butterfly top went together quickly and easily after that.  I think she will wear this a lot as it will go with everything!  I bought a metre and still have quite a bit left so I'm thinking of doing something else with it for sure,

It's been so nice to see the weather turn sunny and we're all set for a lovely weekend,  As you can probably tell Freya just loves running around outside.  

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