Thursday, 24 December 2015

Dotty about Culottes

One of my favourite Oliver and S patterns would have to be the Lunch Box Culottes.

These are the fourth and fifth pairs of these I made and I still get just as excited seeing her wear them as I did the first time.  I had planned to have these ready for a music concert Freya had at the start of Decemebr but alas I've only finished them this week.

The large dot fabric is one I was actually using for a dress I'm currently making for myself but I had enough left over for these and I think they look great!

This time I've made the size three and they are PLENTY big enough.  I do find this pattern runs a bit large and I strongly recommend trying them on before you sew the elastic in as I've found I need to use a lot less then the pattern calls for.

The second pair are made in a dotty denim I've used a couple of times before but I still had more. They're a great everyday pair of pants while still looking really sweet.

Freya loves to swing her hips whiles wearing these as they swish about a bit, which is very important when you're three and obsessed with dancing!


  1. Very nice and that swishing will probably stay for a while, my 8 year old still does it, and I sometimes get the same urges ;) happy holidays!

    1. You can never out grow that swishing reflex :) Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family have a lovely break!

  2. How adorable!
    I have only made these once for a school uniform piece but I think I may have to sew them up for my toddler.

    1. They're a lot of fun, especially in bright fabrics ;)