Sunday, 3 April 2016

Blue and White Miss Polly Dress

Ever since Sewpony showed a few pictures of her Miss Polly dress I was eagerly awaiting it's release.

With it being school holidays I finally had chance to sew one up.  This wasn't the version I'd originally planned but once an idea enters my head it's easy to be side tracked.  This is some left over Cotton and Steel fabric from a dress I made for myself (to be blogged very soon) Once I'd had the idea of using it for this pattern with white piping it moved to the top of my to-sew list.   I'll have to be careful to not make us too many matching clothes, but it's just so easy when you have just enough of the fabric you love left over.  We don't wear them at the same time though so that's something...
The pattern itself was really good. The PDF all lined up perfectly and the instructions were very clear.  I wouldn't say it's a really quick sew with all the piping and pieces but it wasn't difficult and well worth the time.  It took me a while to commit to adding sleeves or making it sleeveless but I figured this would be the better option for the Autumn weather.  Although the sleeveless could work well layering too I reckon.

Little Miss wasn't in the best mood today unfortunately.  She's had this lingering cough that has started keeping her up at night so she's been a bit grumpy at times.  Hopefully she'll start feeling better again soon.


  1. You've done such a beautiful job with this - the piping is perfection!

  2. Lovely dress, great combination of piping and fabric!

  3. Love this dress -- so adorable and the piping really compliments that fabric!

  4. Thank you all for your kind words :)