Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Sloth Zip It

It's very apt that this fabric has got sloths on it, as I have been putting it together so slowly! 

This is the Zip it dress from Make It Perfect.  I've had this pattern for ages and finally got around to making it.  As soon as I bought this Cotton and Steel sloth fabric I knew it would be perfect for this pattern.  Originally I'd planned to make it with a red yoke but by happy accident I saw it next to some blue dotty bias binding I was using and decided that would be even better.  But then it took me ages to find the right spotty blue.  Again by another happy accident I was round my parents place when my Mum had cut out a blue dress and there was enough leftovers for my project.

But then I kept sewing it in fits and starts.  I'd sew some of it and then do something else, sew a bit more and then do something else and so on and so on.  I think I was a bit intimated by parts of the pattern.  The zip especially, I kept putting off.  I know how to do invisible zips with my eyes closed, but have no idea when it comes to normal zips.  After all that it was really very easy. 

The pattern itself is easy to follow.  There are computer diagrams for some more complicated steps and clearly written instructions for the rest.  There were only a few pattern pieces and the PDF was very easy to put together.  It has a striking a-line shape, but I'm not sure if I should have rounded off the side seam hem a little bit as I'm not sure if it looks even from every angle. 
The trickiest bit was all the pattern matching, especially as the branches aren't exactly straight all the way across.  I tried my best with the centre zip seam, sides and pockets and I don't think I did too badly.  The only thing that was a bit off was one of the pockets where the branch line kind of warped a bit after I attached the bias binding.  I also had to move the pocket around a bit to match up the print so the pocket holes do seem a bit small now.

After all the time it took to sew, I'm thrilled with it.  I don't usually match print with print but it worked well here.  Ï should really make another before she outgrows the pattern.

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