Friday, 16 September 2016

A Rainbow Tinny Dress

This is a dress designed by Freya herself!

Freya has a bit of a love for rainbows at the moment, so when she saw this fabric in the shop she took it straight to the counter.  She is starting to involve herself a lot more in my choosing fabrics for her nowadays (when she's not busy helping the ladies behind the counters)

We took it home and I had some ideas of what I could make and then I decided to ask her.  She was quite particular.  It needed a twirly skirt, zip not buttons, no sleeves and a yellow collar.  At first I was a bit dismayed as a yellow collar wasn't even on my radar but when I held the fabrics together it really worked!

I went straight for the Tinny dress by Straightgrain.  I seriously love this pattern and all of it's options.  This time I tried the asymmetrical collar and the pleated skirt as I was worried about using this directional print with a circle skirt.

As ever it was a straightforward sew.  I sewed the cap sleeved version to sneakily get some sleeves in there.  I absolutely hate setting in sleeves and have a great love of built in cap sleeves.

The dress was a big hit and I think I''ll always like it for how decisive and involved she was in the making of it. I'll have to start asking her opinion more often.

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