Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Grey and Pink Romper from AGES ago!

This is another of those projects that has sat unfinished for far too long!

I mean seriously!  All that was left to do was sew on two buttons!  To be fair it did take me a while to find buttons the right shade of pink to go with this fabric but it is so silly it has taken me so long to get this done.

This is the Boo Romper from Boo Designs.  It's an easy enough pattern to follow and put together.  It has some elastic in the back that I think I'll make a bit longer for the next version.  I also need to move the button up the strap another half an inch or so.   I think I will always pair it with a t-shirt but I think it would work well in thicker fabrics for Winter.

This is a lovely grey fabric I found with tiny pink squares on it.  It looked good to me in the shop but then sat in the stash for a while as I was worried it may have looked a little drab.  In the end it's turned out just fine for this pattern.

I opted for the long pant version instead of shorts as the weather can be a bit topsy turvy at the moment.  But as I used a quilting cotton I think they'll sit be OK for the warmer days.

It was the perfect sunny morning for Little Miss to help her Gruffi with the gardening today and these seemed like the perfect backyard clothes!  In my totally biased opinion I think she looked quite cute indeed!

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