Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Here there be a pirate!

It was pirate dress up week at Childcare this week so I had a bit of fun.

We don't really celebrate Halloween here, but Freya has been interested in dressing up these past few weeks.  She keeps asking to dress up as Viking with a helmet and sword, so I've got some work ahead of me.

When I saw the sign last week about the dress up week at Childcare my thoughts instantly started turning towards what I could make.  I knew some kind of billowy striped pants and vest should be pretty straight forward and I found this perfect stripe that morning.

These are both patterns by Big Little, a fantastic pattern designer with a style I just love.  I've already made a couple of her Pixie hood vests so used that pattern here but left off the hood.  This is a size three and it still fits quite generously.  I used a plain back cotton and embroidered a design from Urban Threads on it.  Something saying "here there be monsters"  seemed quite apt to be worn at a childcare :)

These are the pixie pants in a size four.  It was a seriously quick sew, although I didn't get some of the stripes lined up as nicely as I'd hoped.  She was thrilled with them.

All together it looks great.  I didn't bother with a patch as Freya is the child who falls over while standing still so it didn't seem a good idea to limit her vision.  She was so excited and I was thrilled to have made it for her.  I think I few more dress ups may be appearing Christmas morning...

I knew that hat wouldn't last long!

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