Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Chambray Playproof Dungarees

 I'm still here, I promise!

The past few weeks school has been back and so my sewing time and energy has been reduced dramatically.  I'm teaching Prep this year, which I love, but leaves me feeling pretty wiped out in the evenings.  Luckily I had the opportunity to test this pattern before school started!

This is the Playproof Dungarees pattern by SergerPepper for the latest issue of One Thimble magazine.  I have a serious weakness for dungarees so I was very excited to be able to test this pattern.

I made a size 4 for my ever growing girl.  The pattern has a few options for pockets and pants which are very clearly explained with the use of tables and flow-charts to help you design your dungarees.  I went for a kangaroo pocket and just the plain short length.  I think I was supposed to fold the hem up, but I liked them this length.

Construction was fairly straight forward, although I found it wasn't a really quick sew.  There's a fair bit of top-stitching to do but it is so worth it.  I must admit to being a bit of a lazy sewer who leaves things like those details out but I'm so glad I didn't.  I think I've ended up with a good pair of dungarees and I love all that detail.

 I had hoped to use dungaree buckles but when trying to install the first clasp, disaster struck and I put a hole through the front of my dungarees.  I was so cross with myself!  Luckily I saved it with a bit of a precariously placed buttonhole, but it seems to have worked so the crisis was averted.

The PDF itself is a good quality.  It has the layer printing feature which I'm growing to use more and more.  The pieces all lined up perfectly and it was a breeze to tape together.  Sewing wise it all went together very smoothly, with lcear diagrams and instructions for each step.

 I've already made another pair which I'll share really soon.  I'm sure there will be some longer leg versions for cooler months too.

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