Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mara dress

Recently I'd found this lovely chambray-esque fabric at my local quilt shop.  It came in a few colours but I was drawn mostly to the blue.  I managed to squeeze two dresses out of it, and this was the first.  I LOVE this fabric. I can think of so many other things it would be perfect for but I think a whole wardrobe of clothes in this one fabric might be a bit much.

I really like the Compagnie M patterns and I'd wanted to make the Mara blouse/dress pattern for while.  I was a bit nervous about the round yoke and lining up the button loops but it all worked out well.  Making it a dress instead of a blouse needed a little bit of altering the pattern but the directions were very clear on how to do this.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Vintie overalls again

Wow, It has really snuck up on me how long I have been away from the blog but it's been a busy month.  Going back to work, an endless stream of colds and a teething two year old has meant I haven't had as much time for sewing and blogging lately.  I've also been sewing a bit for myself which always takes a bit longer to get the fit right.  Anyways I'm back.

I've blogged before about the short version of vintie overalls but a while ago I'd made a version of the long ones.  This time I left off the ruffle sleeves as I wanted it to be easier to layer in the cooler weather. I used some denim I'd had laying around for a while and they turned out very cute.  This is one of those outfits that as soon as it's washed she's wearing it again.

They went together easily.  There are a couple of ways to sew the underarm seam and I went with the laziest, just overlocking it and turning it under.  Next time I think I'll try another method to give it a nicer finish.  

Not much more to say really.  The pics are from my phone but sometimes the best ones are the impromptu phone shots rather than the ones I've got the camera out for.   The joys of photographing a toddler :)

The pattern was the vintie overalls from Tadah patterns.