Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Yellow Ogden Cami Dress

I'm dreaming of warmer weather and started sewing more summery dresses.

I'm not sure where the idea came from but about a week or so ago I came up with the idea of wanting a slip dress, for myself and then for Freya.  I seemed to remember seeing a pattern not so long ago but couldn't remember for the life of me where I saw it! Then I remembered the Ogden Cami pattern from True Bias and wondered if it could be made into a dress.

 A quick google search later and I knew it could be easily done.  I bought both patterns straight away and got started with Freya's first.  I simply added 9 inches to the bottom and voila!

The pattern was very straightforward and easy to sew.  It only took a couple of hours from cutting out to finishing off the hem.  I'd had this fabric for a while and was considering using it for this dress and Freya agreed quite enthusiastically, yellow being one her favourite colours and all.

I love it how it's turned out.  It works well layered with t-shirts and is quite versatile.  I think the only thing I will do differently is finish the ends of the straps a bit differently as you fold them over a couple of time before sewing them over the elastic band and it seems a little bulky to me. 

The fabric is from the Enchanted collection by Alisse Courtier.  I loved this range in the shop and I must admit I got a fair bit of it, so there will be more to come. The purple flowers in the dress nicely set off Freya's new glasses too. We notice only a few weeks ago Freya had started going cross-eyed.  We quickly got her checked out and found out she would need glasses. I'm so glad we acted so quickly because her eyes starting going cross-eyed more and more.

She's pretty pleased with them and I think they've really helped.  When she came out of the Optometrist she announced that she could "Look Daddy, I can see the cars!!" I dread to think how bad her eyesight must have been... Luckily she loves wearing them and has gotten used to them pretty quickly.