Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Tulip Dress

Last term was so busy, it's been wonderful to have a good break during the School holidays and have the chance to do some sewing.  Of course, by time I've had chance to photograph some of them it was miserable outside, so I'm afraid it's inside photos today.

One of my first projects was the Tulip Dress from kaatjenaaisels.  I'd had these fabrics on my shelf for a while and knew I wanted to put them together and finally decided to use this pattern to do it.

The pattern itself is both in English and Dutch.  The PDF went together quickly and didn't have a lot of pages.  I think a label for a zipper line was missing but it was pretty easy to figure out.  This pattern has a button or zipper option, but I've discovered Freya really likes zippers so that's what I went with.

Construction wise it all went together quiet smoothly.  As other bloggers had said the shoulder seams can e quite think as there are lots of layer to sew together, but it honestly wasn't that bad and easy to live with.  There was nothing overly fiddly and the instructions were clear.

I love how the dress has turned out.  I made a size 5 and it fits well.  She seemed to like it as well, which is a bit of a relief.  She's so unpredictable in now in dresses she likes and doesn't like.