Thursday, 15 May 2014

Elephant Marina Romper

This was one of those patterns where I was almost wishing Freya would grow a bit faster so I could sew it.  I'd admired many of the patterns from the Cali Faye collection but this one really appealed.  I love the bagginess and the retro look of it and couldn't wait to sew it up.  The first one I made of a green gingham fabric I'd had.  I made the straight size 2 thinking she would grown into it fairly soonish.  The sizing on this pattern I found quite generous though.  I know it's supposed to be baggy but I had to accept it was just a bit too big.

But then I saw this lovely elephant print.  I think I tend to choose quiet, muted prints and something about this more juvenile print really appealed.  So back home I went and took 4 inches off the pants and shortened the ties as well and although it was still big it was more on the acceptable side.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Debbie Dress

This post is about an old dress and a new one. When I saw the pictures of the Debbie dress by Sewpony I knew it was something I would like to sew.  I think I'm still developing my sense of sewing style but I tend to lean towards more simplistic, classically shaped patterns as a general rule (but sometimes rules are meant to be broken...)

I had bought a metre of this quite bright aqua/teal fabric with no real project in mind so used it for my first Debbie.  I decided to try something different and add a ribbon trim.  When I put these together in the shop I had a feeling it would work but still agonized over whether it would or not.  In the end I think it was pretty successful.

I sewed this quite a while ago and it was one of those garments that I was sad when it wouldn't fit anymore.  It fit as a short dress, and it was a bit short, and then as a tunic with leggings.
The best photos I could find of her actually wearing it were these ones when she was playing outside.  Trying to get a toddler to stand still for photos can be fun...

The second version of this dress I whipped up when we were allowed home for our first weekend home after being in the hospital.  Freya was recovering well from the surgery and as it was Easter weekend we were able to get home for a while.  After a number of weeks of not sewing I knew I wanted to make something quick and easy.  I'd had this frog kokka fabric hanging around for a while and decided to add some piping for extra detail.  I'm really trying hard this year to add a few more details to my sewing.

This pattern had been modified so it's a bit longer than the last one I sewed up.  It looks very cute and great for layering now the weather has well and truly cooled down.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Vintie Overalls

So I've ended up being away from the blog longer than I have intended.  Freya's been needing a bit of help with her therapy, she won't really walk without holding someone's hand and unfortunately the seizures started up again which was a real blow for us :( Anyways, Vintie Overalls..
This year I have been determined to step out of my comfort zone a little when it comes to my sewing.  Usually if I see ruffles or extra details on patterns, I often tend to leave them off so when I came to sew these overalls I thought I'd include the ruffle on the sleeves and I'm so glad I did!
The pattern is the Vintie overalls by Fresh Designs.  I'm a sucker for overalls, it's what made me initially start sewing in the first place. I'm not a fan of ones with lots of frills, but I don't want them to be too boyish either.  This pattern is suitable for both boys and girls with lots of options.  They can be long or short, with an elasticated cuff or straight and with ruffle straps or without.
The fabric I used is from the "sew stitchy" line by Aneela Hoey.  With it being a grey I thought it needed the ruffles to make it a bit more youthful.  I also added some piping to the yoke.  It all came together easily and nicely and looked great on Little Miss.
I left off the piping on the back and I'm kind of wishing I had included it there too. Never mind, maybe next time.
She was happy with them although I think the front came down a bit low.  I think the snaps should have gone further up bit they were still very wearable.
These photos are pretty old, so sorry for the blurriness.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Daphne Top

This was a pattern I wasn't too sure about in the beginning.  Most versions had a ruffle on the front (I'm working on my aversion to ruffles, really) and the dress was a wraparound style that I wasn't sure would be practical for my little one.  But then I saw a few plainer versions as a top and I was sold.
Initially in my first read through the pattern seemed complicated but as I was sewing it I realised it was actually very simple.  I should have learned by now that patterns always read a bit more difficult when you're not sewing it at the time.  The trickiest thing was placing the snaps but I used the pattern markings and all went well.

This top actually has become one of my favourites.  It looks great with a pair of jeans and it's great for layering in cooler weather.  As you can probably tell, Freya was in fine form for taking photos that day. At least she had a lot of fun.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Nessie Top

I've been wanting to have a go at sewing with knits for a while now.  I actually had this pattern and fabric for a while but kept putting it off as I was a bit nervous about it, and now I'm wondering what all the fuss was about.  I used the CINO pattern, the Nessie Top.  It has quite a few options with different sleeves, a collar and a colour blocking option.
The fabric is an orange knit I found in Spotlight.  It's actually from quite a cute range and I think I'll be going back to buy some in the different colours.  The pattern itself was pretty easy.  I made up the simple top with three quarter length sleeves ready for autumn.
I used my walking foot and a double needle for the hems and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.
The only thing which went a bit off was the join for the neckline.  I'd also convinced myself I had stretched the neckline but when I've measured the print the distance between the dots is still the same.
The pattern itself is well written and easy to follow.  It actually only took about and hour and a half to sew, just one nap time really.
Although it was a simple top I was so excited when I had finished and am no longer quite as nervous about sewing with knits, although I still think I need some more practise.