Friday, 9 May 2014

Debbie Dress

This post is about an old dress and a new one. When I saw the pictures of the Debbie dress by Sewpony I knew it was something I would like to sew.  I think I'm still developing my sense of sewing style but I tend to lean towards more simplistic, classically shaped patterns as a general rule (but sometimes rules are meant to be broken...)

I had bought a metre of this quite bright aqua/teal fabric with no real project in mind so used it for my first Debbie.  I decided to try something different and add a ribbon trim.  When I put these together in the shop I had a feeling it would work but still agonized over whether it would or not.  In the end I think it was pretty successful.

I sewed this quite a while ago and it was one of those garments that I was sad when it wouldn't fit anymore.  It fit as a short dress, and it was a bit short, and then as a tunic with leggings.
The best photos I could find of her actually wearing it were these ones when she was playing outside.  Trying to get a toddler to stand still for photos can be fun...

The second version of this dress I whipped up when we were allowed home for our first weekend home after being in the hospital.  Freya was recovering well from the surgery and as it was Easter weekend we were able to get home for a while.  After a number of weeks of not sewing I knew I wanted to make something quick and easy.  I'd had this frog kokka fabric hanging around for a while and decided to add some piping for extra detail.  I'm really trying hard this year to add a few more details to my sewing.

This pattern had been modified so it's a bit longer than the last one I sewed up.  It looks very cute and great for layering now the weather has well and truly cooled down.

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