Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Daphne Top

This was a pattern I wasn't too sure about in the beginning.  Most versions had a ruffle on the front (I'm working on my aversion to ruffles, really) and the dress was a wraparound style that I wasn't sure would be practical for my little one.  But then I saw a few plainer versions as a top and I was sold.
Initially in my first read through the pattern seemed complicated but as I was sewing it I realised it was actually very simple.  I should have learned by now that patterns always read a bit more difficult when you're not sewing it at the time.  The trickiest thing was placing the snaps but I used the pattern markings and all went well.

This top actually has become one of my favourites.  It looks great with a pair of jeans and it's great for layering in cooler weather.  As you can probably tell, Freya was in fine form for taking photos that day. At least she had a lot of fun.

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