Sunday, 26 April 2015

KCW Maeve Jumper with Foxes

I think it is very safe to say I may be slightly addicted to this pattern...

This is once again, the Maeve Jumper pattern from Whitney Deal.  It really is such a cute, quick sew, I can't help myself! This time I once again made a straight size 3.

The fabric is some canvas-type fabric with foxes on, perfect for the 'wild things' theme for Kids Clothes Week.  I'd spotted it a few weeks ago and it has sewn up nicely for this dress.  I'm tempted to go back for more to make another hooded pixie vest.  Freya was actually quite excited when she saw the finished dress with foxes and was telling everyone we met she had foxes on her dress!

The fabric was available with some different coloured backgrounds but I thought the teal looked best.  I seem to always be drawn to this colour and I think it suits Freya nicely.  Looking at my to-sew list I can see this colour will be appearing a few times yet.

We had a funny Freya moment this week! We were looking after my parent's dog, which Freya was very excited about.  So excited I caught her on her hands and knees with her head in the water bowl trying to drink like the dog! Kids are hilarious!


  1. I totally have to make such a jumper, I am all for easy dressing, Nice dress!

  2. It is such an easy pattern and so versatile!