Thursday, 9 April 2015

Spotty Maeve Jumper

As soon as I'd finished the last one I had this cut out and ready to go.

The pattern again is the Maeve Jumper by Whitney Deal.  This time I used a size 2 bodice with the size 3 skirt which I had lengthened slightly.  I also added some flat piping to break it up a bit which was easy to do.

As before this dress went together very quickly and without any trouble.  It looks great layered and I'm on the hunt for a pale pink cardigan now.  I think pale pink and navy is a lovely combination. The fabric was some Indigo Crossing from Moda that I'd had left over from a Washi dress I'd made for myself.  

I'll try not too make too many of these dresses, but there's no promises....


  1. Lovely as always, love the navy/white combination, but I am sure the pink will be a nice addition to the color palette.

  2. Lovely! I somehow never tried flat piping and now it is too late as my daughter will soon turn ten and favors different type of clothes. I do hope you will one day show what you sew for yourself!

    1. Thank you, I'm making the most of sewing for her while she's young :) although she is already picking out fabric in the store... thanks for the encouragement!