Monday, 2 February 2015

Flowery Roller Skate Top

The other day in Spotlight I spotted some of Cloud 9's Wildwood fabric collection by Elizabeth Olwen, and I swear I almost did a happy dance on the spot!  I have admired this range of fabric for a long time so without further ado I snapped some up.  I only got half a metre of this one, determined to make Freya a top.  I knew straight away the Oliver and S Roller skate tunic would be ideal.

This is a size two and it sewed up very quickly, almost in one nap time!  I lined it with some cream quilting cotton I had in the stash.  I think it looks great although I'd like it a teensy bit longer to have some growing room.  I think I'll adjust the next one.

As with most Oliver and S patterns everything went smoothly.  I only drew the stitching lines for the elastic on the lining as I didn't want to risk it not washing off and that seemed to work well.  I was having second doubts about this fabric while I was making it, but seeing it on her I think it suits her nicely.  It will look great with some shorts, if the weather ever gets really warm enough for her to wear them...  A good project to start Kids Clothes Week with.