Tuesday, 21 April 2015

KCW Elephant Camper Dress

This is my first project from this season of Kids Clothes Week.

To go with the "Wild Things" theme I used some Elephant Kokka fabric I'd had my eye on for a while.  I'd actually bought this with the intention to make some pants, but as things usually go I changed my mind and made a dress instead!  I should probably start making things as soon as I buy the fabric as I always end up changing my mind!

The pattern is the Little Camper Dress by Hey There Threads.  Like I did last time, I used a wider bias binding and made it visible instead of tucking it under.  I like the way the frames the placket on this pattern.  The placket caused me a bit of bother this time, I think I may not have been as accurate as I should have, that's one of the dangers of late night sewing!

Other than the placket it all went together smoothly and quickly.  This time I made the longer sleeves so there's a bit of a gather at the shoulder.  This is a great everyday dress pattern, perfect for playing and running around in.  I really should make some more.

I'll probably post most of my KCW progress on instagram and then the modelled shots here :)


  1. The destination of a fabric usually changes here, but I don't mind, part of the creative adventure :) Nice dress!

    1. I can find it hard to settle sometimes, and change my mind 5 or more times about what I'll make, but like you said it's all part of the process :) I may yet go back for more for some crazy elephant pants!