Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Lullaby Layette

It never seemed worth buying the Oliver and S layette pattern when it was released not so long ago as Freya would have outgrown it very quickly.  Lucky for me some friends have just had a baby and I knew just what I wanted to make for the new little boy.

I'd decided already on a plain jacket with the lining and bias matching, as well as then doing the pockets in the same fabric.  But I had no idea what fabrics to get for a boy, so used am I to sewing for girls.  I'd had a metre of this grey chambray in the stash for a little while planning to make a bag for myself but I decided sacrifice it for the pants instead.

So although I'd had the pants sorted I still hadn't decided on the other fabrics.  I went into the local quilt shop planning on buying some gingham-y type fabric but this spotty fabric caught my eye.  After I'd finally settled on that I had planned to match it with a blue, but I couldn't find the right shade of navy.  Luckily this green cotton caught my eye.  I remembered having a conversation with the mum-to-be about how baby clothes don't have to be blue for a boy and pink for a girl and that she liked alternatives so this seemed perfect.

I think choosing the fabrics was the hardest part of this pattern!  The jacket went together very smoothly, although I did have to unpick the sleeves as I wasn't concentrating on that part and stuffed it up right royally! Luckily it was a simple fix and the jacket looked great finished.  I also used my trusty snaps so it can be reversible if preferred.

The pants are super cute.  Although it felt silly putting pockets on pants so small I think it is nice feature.  The set goes together nicely and I think they could be worn separately too.