Monday, 25 July 2016

The Blue Hailey with Flowers

It's nice to finally to find another super simple, but lovely dress pattern.

This is the newly released Hailey dress from the Simple Life Pattern Company.  I like a few of their designs, but a lot feature a scoop or cut out back, which I just don't think is practical when you live in Australia.  This was actually my first purchase from them and I was pretty pleased.

The pattern is a seriously quick sew.  The front and back bodice pieces are exactly the same and layered using the burrito technique of rolling it all up between the armhole seams and then pulling it through.  There aren't many pages to print together, just the bodice and measurements are given for the skirt and waistband pieces.

There was supposed to be a waistband between the skirt and bodice but I decided to leave it out of this one.  I just wanted to highlight the print and I wasn't happy with any of the fabric combinations I put with it.  I would like to make another one, maybe in a chambray with a patterned waistband though.

I've had this fabric for quite a while, which is my usual habit.  I've never really been one for florals (although looking at some of my recent purchases that might be changing).  I could never decide what to make with it and I only had a metre.  This dress, just fit on the metre with some creative arranging.  It's nice to have a pattern that doesn't use much fabric and is so quick to sew.  Seriously, I think I sewed this all up in about 2 hours.

The pattern had clear photo instructions and was very easy to follow.  The only thing I think I'll change next time is to do a slightly smaller hem so it will last just that bit longer as she grows.

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