Sunday, 15 January 2017

Freya's Orange Tinny

I should really listen to Freya more often.

She saw this fabric when I was looking on Instagram one day and instantly kept asking for it.  Naturally we made a trip to the fabric shop (any excuse will do!) and she was still set on having an orange dress.  As ever she was right and it's made a very cute dress.

I used the old faithful Tinny dress by Straightgrain.  To be honest I hadn't really given much thought to the gathered skirt but this is the third version now of this dress I've made.

I've not much to say about this pattern that I haven't already said.  I think it is now my most used pattern, as it has so many options and the fit is so nice.  


  1. I think kids have an in-built radar for good fabric (well, at least prints). Your daughter chose well and her new Tinny looks great! Orange is such a happy colour :) Gotta make another Tinny for my big girlie. With all the options I feel I can make it again and again without getting bored :)

    1. All the options make it such a useful pattern! looking forward to seeing what you make 😃