Monday, 30 October 2017

Big and Bold Feliz Dress

Straightgrain patterns are always an instant buy for me, and the latest Feliz dress was no exception.

Surprisingly, considering how much I like pleats I made the gathered version first. I used this Cloud 9 fabric from Spotlight.  I loved the big bold flowers and this simple dress design worked well.

I spent ages making sure I matched up the print at the back and it turned out pretty well.

The dress was easy to put together.  This is the size 5 and it is a roomy dress.  The bodice has a slight curve so I had to check the diagrams a few time to check I got it just right.  

The pattern has some lovely sleeve options, including flutter, bell and longer sleeves.  Freya has made her view on ruffles quite clear lately so I used the dolman sleeves, plus anytime I don't have to set in sleeves is a big plus in my book.  

I'm looking forward to giving the pleated version a try!


  1. What a treat to stumble upon your blog with cute little girl dresses. I have 2 grown daughters that I sewed for all their childhood. It was always a pleasure picking out the patterns and fabric. You have made nice choices here. You are having fun sewing for her aren't you? I'd love to share a photo or two, but don't know how to do that. Oh, and I forgot to mention that my mom sewed for me too. She even made me an Alice dress in blue with a white pinafore. That was right about the time the Disney version was first released.