Monday, 30 March 2015

Butterfly Maeve Jumper

Sometimes there is nothing better than a nice, simple dress!

This is the Maeve Jumper pattern by WhitneyDeal.  I saw a version of this by the designer on Kollabora and once I saw it was a PDF pattern I bought it instantly.  I'd printed it out straight away and it jumped to the top of my to-do pile.

The fabric is some butterfly print I had left over from a Geranium top I'd made and I used a teal for the lining.  There are only 5 pattern pieces to cut out as the skirt is done in one piece with only one french seam.  The rest is very straightforward and I'd cut it out and sewn it up in one evening.

 There are only a few pages to print but I found that although the pattern called for me to trim the pages then they didn't match up.  If I left the pages whole and lined up the edges this worked just fine, so it was no big deal.  I also had to alter slightly the button markings but I think that was because I was using snaps so needed them to be a bit more central.

I made a size 3 as she is only a month away from being 3 (gulp!!) and it is quite roomy.  I'd already cut out another one in size 2 thinking it was too baggy but after seeing her wear this one for a day I kind of like the bagginess.  I have plans for many, many more as it is such a cute, easy sew that really highlights great prints.  I have my eye on some Kokka canvas at my local quilt shop that I think would be perfect.  

It was almost impossible to get this kid to stand still today!  Cheeky monkey!


  1. French seams, those I still have try, you made a lovely dress again.

  2. Thanks, the French seams were actually pretty easy to do. I think I might start using them more often.