Thursday, 2 July 2015

Blue Sunday Picnic Dress

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this dress.

This is the Sunday Picnic Dress by Sewpony.  The pattern itself is great.  It has options for sleeves and a collar but for this version I made a simple, sleeveless one with piping around the neckline and pockets.


I actually started making this last week in Kids Clothes Week before I fell off the wagon with this Season.  I was sewing this one night and I really should have walked away.  It was one of those nights where nothing really went right and it was not the time to tackle piping and the invisible zipper.  I don't tend to have too many issues with those separately but together and on this particular night it was not a good mix...

I put it down and didn't get back to it until yesterday.  Even when I finished it I wasn't convinced it was a success.  The fabric is actually a micro-dot which hasn't shown up well in the photos and it was giving me a dinner lady apron vibe.  However when I put it on the Miss this morning I've decided I do actually like it very much. 

The pattern itself is well written with clear pictures and it's easy to follow with all the different options.  This is a size three and it fits really well.  I took a risk and sewed the hem before trying it on and it's still just right.  Looking at it I think I should have added some piping around the waist seam too but it's too late now.  I'd definitely like to make another, maybe with the collar instead next time.

Freya was pleased with it.  She found the pockets pretty quickly and then found it hilarious to hide things in the crossover on the bodice.

I can't believe how quickly this little one is growing up.. She's really started to use some imaginative play this week with playing shops which has been a lot of fun.

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