Sunday, 27 December 2015

A Bowtiful Dress

What does a little Wiggles fan need for Christmas? A bowtiful Emma dress!

Freya has become a little obsessed with the Wiggles lately.  She is constantly singing their songs and asking to watch them on the TV, so I knew that an Emma dress would be a highly successful Christmas present, and I was not wrong!

I used the Tinny dress pattern by Straightgrain and used the bow option to add some extra specialness to her Emma dress.  I added some yellow stripes to the circle skirt and I think it's turned out perfectly.  Too bad Father Christmas gets all the credit!

I used the size four as I want this dress to last a while and it is a little big.  I think I'll stick to the size three for my next one.  I also used bias binding top hem it this time.  It was some pre-made binding so it's still quite stiff but it does make the skirt stick out a bit more so that's a win.

She absolutely LOVES this dress and is quite impatient for it to come out of the wash.  I may have to make another one to have in circulation, either that or one for each Wiggle!

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