Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My Anna Emery Mash Ups

Eek! I'm stepping out in front of the camera!

After realising Freya now has an abundance of dresses in her wardrobe I figured it was high time I did some sewing for myself.  This is a mash up between the By Hand London Anna dress and the Emery skirt.  Usually I am a by the book sewer, following instructions and not really playing around with my patterns.  However I've seen a few people putting these two patterns together and wanted to give it a try.

I really like the Anna dress from By Hand London.  I've tweaked the fit a little but sometimes I don't want to break up a print (or spend time worrying about print matching) with the panelled skirt.  It decided to add in the gathered Emery skirt, figuring as it was a gathered skirt it would be easy to fit it with this bodice.  It also has pockets! Bonus!

The first version I made was with fabric from Cloud9 and I have been hoarding it for ages but decided to just take the plunge finally and cut into it.  I felt like I'm always making 'practise' versions of dresses for me and never making anything with the fabric I really like.  I've actually made Freya a dress in this fabric before but I don;t have any plans on wearing them at the same time!

It turned out nicely and as soon as I'd finished I cut another one out in some more fabric I'd been hoarding for far too long!  With this one I just took in the side seams of the bodice a smidge as I felt there was a lot of ease in the first one.  I'm now super happy with the fit.

Warning: I still feel a bit self-conscious in front of the camera so may have started to goof off a bit!  Funnily enough they were the photos that looked the best.

I'd like to give the higher neck version of the Anna dress a try and actually sew a straight Emery, but I find it's easy to be tempted to make the same dress again and again when you know it fits!

I've got some more projects I've sewn for myself to share really soon and I'm currently making another Anna mash up, this time attempting to put a circle skirt with it.  Soon Freya's not going to be the only one with a wardrobe of dresses!

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