Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Bonjour Playtime Tunic

There's nothing like pulling out an old favourite again.

We had a pretty crappy week last week so I needed something simple and rewarding for some time out. This is an Oliver and S Playtime Tunic, a pattern I have made a number of times now.  With the weather beginning to cool down here a bit, it seemed about time to make another one.

I made up a size 4 for my almost four year old (sob!).  It's a little roomy but the size 3 would be too small to last very long I reckon.  I didn't really make any changes, just a slightly narrower hem.

I always stick with the tunic version of this pattern.  I've only made the dress version once and found it far too long for my girl.  This is a great practical length and looks great with leggings.  And guess what?! It's perfect for Playtime!  She gets a lot of wear out of these and it's super practical.

It's a very quick and simple sew.  The trickiest bit I reckon would be the sleeves but that's really very easy!  You attach the sleeves before sewing the side seams.  The trickiest bit is the underarm curve but I found if I used a smaller stitch length for that part it all lined up better than ever!

The fabric is some cute little French kittens with hats.  It's from the 'Oui Oui Paris' line by Suzy Ultman.  I'm not usually one for novelty prints but I knew instantly what this would be perfect for!  I bought 1.5 metres which left me with plenty left over!  I'm thinking of making a skirt with what's left over.


  1. Lovely outfit! I usually also prefer tunic versions of a pattern, it's so cute on little girls!

    1. Thanks, I'm planning more tunics too. They're so practical and I can still just about convince her it's still a dress...