Wednesday, 26 October 2016

No, really this is my favourite dress now!

Lately I've been on a good sewing streak and I've been really liking some of my recent makes.  It seems I keep announcing this is my new favourite dress every time I finish something.

It was no different when I finished this dress.  I used the Block Dress Book again but was a bit braver this time.  I had a go at drafting a cap sleeve and the tie collar.  I lengthened the collar by half an inch but I think it wouldn't have hurt to make it a touch longer.  

The fabric is from a Marcus Fabrics range called ''Meadow Storm".  It's a lovely subtle print with little flowers etched in to it.  The more I looked at it, the more I liked it.  I knew I wanted to sew a dress with a collar but I couldn't decide upon a contrast collar so used the same fabric.  

The cap sleeve also worked well, and it really didn't take long to draft the new pieces.  Its certainly given me some more confidence to try drafting some of the other pattern pieces.  The only other thing I did differently was to cut two back skirt pieces and overlock the back edges.  I then sewed up the back to the notch.  I then edgestitched the seam allowance down.  This was much quicker than the tricky placket but it did leave a seam line on the back of the dress.

I had to be careful with placing the snaps at the back as the collar did come fairly close to the edge of the placket.  I found though by using the centre back markings it worked well.  I also used 4 different coloured snaps for a bit of a change,

I really love how it's turned out.  The colour is great on Freya and it's a lovely Summer dress (now we just need Summer to finally arrive!)  So that's my new favourite dress, well for the moment anyways...

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  1. I'm loving your versions of the building block dress! This collar looks just right.