Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Freya's requested Ileana

Freya's becoming quite vocal in the things I make for her, which can lead to some fun!

After noticing she had a few cat dresses but no dog dresses she announced she needed one.  So off we went post haste to the fabric shop and found this Cotton and Steel fabric that fit the bill.  Of course the contrast colour just had to be yellow but I think it works really well.

I was then told it needed to be twirly and I decided to go with the Ileana dress pattern from Compagnie M.  I've made it before and figured it was high time for a new one.

As it was quite a directional print I went with the half circle skirt, with the raglan sleeves (my favourite!) and added the triangle pockets.  Because you can never have too much yellow when you're four I also added a belt, which I think lifts the dress nicely.

I made a size 5 for my growing girl.  It's roomy but still definitely wearable.  I had a little hiccup with the back of the skirt when I cut out the pocket shapes from that piece as well.  I was able to wrangle another back skirt out of what I had left but had to cut it in 2 pieces and add seam allowance.

Freya LOVES her new dress and I have to admit, I do too.


  1. So cute! My girls would go mad for that cute print!!

  2. Love it! What little girl would not love this dress?!

    1. Thank you! She's already got cross because it had to be washed!