Sunday, 12 February 2017

The new "boring" Laure Dress

A certain someone who proclaimed this dress as being "boring"looks pretty pleased with herself in these photos!

This is the Laure Dress a new pattern by Straightgrain.  I must admit a bit of a weakness of a dropped waist dress so this was an insta-buy when it was released.  This is with the bow collar but there are also other options including a qipao collar that I'd like to try one day.

I ended up making a size 5, which is a very generous fit on my girl.  She turns 5 soon and at the rate she's growing I wanted to do some future proofing.  I had some great advice from people on Instagram regarding sizing but I figured I'd be happier with her growing into the dress, instead of growing out of it quickly.  It's not as if she has a shortage of things to wear :)

As ever the pdf and pattern went together well.  The cap sleeves were a little fiddly, but no more than any other sleeve.  There was some great instructions for the invisible zipper, especially for the top.  That's one area I'm never 100% happy with how it looks.  I used some fabric I'd had in the stash for a while (I'm not sure what collection it is) and was able to get this dress out of 1 metre.  I was pretty pleased with how it turned out but Freya proclaimed it to be "boring"and said it needs a pink collar. Who knows, I think she may be onto something. I'm really enjoying how she's developing her own taste now.

Freya was in fine form today with her "modelling"poses.  She had me in stitches! 

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