Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fawn Lily Dress

When Freya was in hospital I kept in touch with sewing by reading many, many blogs and spending far to much time on Pinterest. The Willow and Co pattern collection soon became something I was looking forward to being able to sew.  This Fawn Lily dress has been the first thing I've been able to do so far.

This is a great pattern with lots of different options.  You can have a gathered, plain or pleated skirt.  A button yoke or a nice crossover notion free version and different length options. You can also include pockets! I first went for the crossover yoke with a plain skirt with a dress length.
I'd actually bought this fabric ages ago with another project in mind but decided to use it for this instead.  I added red piping and the red sleeves but otherwise kept it fairly simple.  I really like this dress and I don't think I've seen anything like it in the shops.

It sews together pretty well.  The instructions are clear. I found sewing the sleeves a little tricky as you have to roll the dress up and sew the arm seam around it and then pull it through.  I was glad I have used the same method when making the washi dress with lining, as that made it a bit easier.  Although having used all that piping I had to wrestle it a little and I was so nervous about sewing over the dress.
The only nitpicking thing I have to say too is that the yoke pattern pieces are nested together pretty closely making it a little tricky when I was tracing the pattern.  I didn't have any coloured ink but I'm wondering if this is a pattern where it may be worth printing in colour.  Having said that I traced over the size 2 in a colour first and that made it a it easier.

The dress looks great.  It has a nice vintage feel with the fabric but I think the style is quite modern.  I've already started sewing my next one.

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