Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Maggie Mae

I always seem to have little self control when it comes to buying patterns online.  Although I now have a substantial collection of patterns still yet to be sewn I am always overtaken buy the urge to purchase a new pattern as soon as I discover a nice, new, shiny one.  Often those bought patterns then tend to be put on the back-burner as I sew the next new thing, if I'm lucky.

This was the case with the Maggie Mae dress from Schwin and Schwin.  I bought this almost a year ago and it has sat on my shelf quite neglected.  But then once again I happened to see yet another lovely version sewn up on Flickr and a recent trip to a quilt shop had resulted in it moving to the top of my to sew pile.  I have to say I am quite pleased by the results.
As soon as I saw this fabric I was drawn to it.  I knew my Mum was very kindly sewing a purple cardigan for Freya so I had that in the back of my mind while shopping.  As soon as I held it up to the purpley-red homespun I knew it was a good fabric combination.
I love it when you are sewing something and you see the design coming together and you just know it's going to be a winner.  That's what I felt with this dress.  It also helped that I was having one of those lovely sewing days where everything just worked.  The seams and the print just lined up nicely, nothing got tangled or off kilter and the dress just came together nicely before my eyes.
Trying to make a quick getaway
It's a bit on the big side for Freya at this moment but that's OK.  I made the tunic version and it looks more like a dress.  The pattern itself is good.  I think originally I was a bit put off by just having measurements for the skirt portion and no clear pleat lines, but it actually went together quite easily and looked great.  You know you're using a good pattern when you're already planning the next 4 versions before you've finished the one you're originally sewing.

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