Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Library Dress

This was one of those occasions when I bought fabric with exactly the project I was going to make in mind.  This is some fabric from a Prints charming line in Spotlight and as soon as I saw it I knew what dress it would be perfect for.  Oliver and S had recently released the Library dress pattern and it was an auto buy for me. I love how you could mix and match prints and fabric with the band to make either an everyday dress with nice details or use something fancier for a smarter, going out type of dress.
I'd originally planned to leave off the collar but as I was cutting it out I saw I had enough fabric so I added the collar too.  Thank goodness I did because I love the way the plaid works with that detail.  I think it really makes the dress a bit more special. I
It ended up being her Christmas dress last year.  Here she is playing with her much loved kitchen for the first time.  She has that cooking stance nailed already!
The pattern itself was fairly straight forward.  Even the pleats were easy and the notches and directions in the pattern made everything line up nicely.
I sewed this up quite a while ago and posted it to the Oliver and S Flickr group.  Imagine my surprise when one day it popped up on my Facebook feed as a version Liesl highlighted from the Flickr group.  I'm not ashamed to say I was quite excited when that happened!


  1. This is gorgeous Alex - I'm not at all surprised that Liesl liked it too, congrats!!

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