Monday, 24 November 2014

Striped Geranium Dress

I think I'm going to call this her Circus dress.

I have a very nasty habit of sewing a number of items until I only have the very last thing to do like attach buttons or sew the hem and then get distracted and leave it on the pile for ages. This is what happened with this dress (and a few more still in the pile).

I used the trusty Geranium Dress pattern from Made By Rae.  I love this pattern!  It sews together quickly and has many options.  For this one I used the gathers and made it sleeveless so it would be easier to layer in Winter... so now it's a lovely sleeveless Summer dress instead.

The fabric is from 'A Day in the Country'.  They're a really good, affordable quilting cotton range with simple patterns and basics that are great for some everyday dresses and tops.  I bought the last of the roll of this one and I'm so glad I did.  I'm determined to start using some more colourful fabrics and this one fits the bill.

I cut the bodice and pockets with the stripes facing a different way for added interest.  Freya has recently discovered that some of her clothing has pockets and she loves them.  She doesn't put anything in them yet, just her hands but I'll be making an effort to include them now when I sew instead of being lazy and missing them off patterns.

I tried to do some pattern matching in the back and it doesn't look to bad.  In my effort there I neglected the side seams but I think it's ok.
So far she's gotten a few comments when she's worn it out and about so that's always nice.  Maybe I should sew with bolder colours more often...

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