Monday, 1 December 2014

Another pair of Lunch Box Culottes

 I knew I'd be making many more of these.

The pattern is the Oliver and S Lunch Box culottes.  The fabric I used was some Cotton and Steel.  I have to say I walked past this fabric a number of times but after I'd made the first pair of culottes I couldn't get a pair made up in this fabric out of my mind.  I've already got some of the navy version of this in my stash that I've bought for myself.

Sewing the same pattern again was a lot quicker.  I made sure I used a shorter piece of elastic but I reckon I could have made it shorter still.  This time I really appreciated some of the Oliver and S touches in the pattern.  Every other elastic waistband I've sewn you attach it at the front first and then hope to catch the fold in the waistband at the back when you sew it down (if that makes any sense...)  In this pattern you sew it to the wrong side first and fold it over the front which leaves a nice clean finish.  

I haven't really got much to add that I didn't say last time.  I definitely think this is one of my all time favourite patterns now.  She can play and run around in them and they still look great.  I wonder if I can hold out a bit longer before I make my next pair...

I told her to look up...


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