Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Starry Charlie Dress

As is the season I have been pretty busy lately so getting some sewing done and photographing the results has been put on the back burner a bit.  But school is done for the year and I'm almost finished the Christmas organisation so here's one of my recent projects at last!

This is Mingo and Grace's Charlie Dress, a straightforward design with a nice, twirly ruffle flounce on the bottom.  I'd picked up this starry fabric on a bit of a whim and couldn't quite decide what to sew with it,  I had originally envisioned some kind of top for with some jeans/shorts but no I made another dress instead!  Mind you this has a bit of a party dress feel to it and coming into the Festive Season that's probably a handy thing to have.

Normally I have an aversion to both ruffles and bias binding, and yet I really like the simplicity and style of this pattern and surprised myself a bit by buying it.  The pattern itself is a fairly simple, quick sew.  I made a size two and it fits Freya nicely.  I did make it a bit harder on myself by sewing the bias to the wrong side on the neckline and only realised once I'd trimmed and notched the seam.  So on this version you can see the binding on the neck as I folded it over, instead of trying to unpick and sew it again.  Believe me, the armholes were a piece of cake in comparison.

I like it a lot more on her than I expected and I think I might well make some more.  It has a nice, loose, comfortable fit without being too gapey and I think it would layer nicely for Winter or just be a nice sleeveless dress for Summer.  Another nice thing to note about this pattern is that the PDF is layered, meaning you can just print the size you need.  A very handy feature I think.

Christmas is nearly here!!


  1. Very nice dress, with a long sleeve it would also be great for winter spins.

  2. Ooh, now you've got me thinking... :)

  3. Very nice simple dress :) I like it a lot

  4. Thank-you. I'm very glad I ended up getting the pattern in the end!