Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Pleatie Sunsuit

It's been romper time in our house this week.

I'd had this romper cut out as part of KCW last week but only got it finished in the past day or so. This is a Pleatie Romper by Tadah Patterns.  I'm a big fan of the Vintie overalls pattern and decided to give this one a whirl too.

Tadah patterns seem to always have plenty of options and clear, easy to follow instructions for how to sew each option.  The PDF itself was easy to put together and everything lined up properly.  This was a sleeveless one with the pleats (I can't honestly see me ever leaving them off!) with the front fastening and pockets.

This fabric was a spur of the moment buy.  I'm not even sure exactly what colour it is, a sort of pinky-red but it sure is nice and bright.  It has lots of little birds all over and I think I only managed to decapitate a couple...  I was terrified of getting pieces with birds upside down, especially the waistband but I managed to dodge that bullet.

I made a size three on autopilot as that is the usual size I make but I think I could really do with making a size four (How did that happen?!)  It fits but only just and I think the waistband isn't quite in the right spot and it looks a little Harry-Highpants!  I really should start paying closer attention to measurements.

 I've decided late afternoon is a good time for photos at our place.  The lighting was much better for me to get the photos this time.  It also helped to have a special Nanna running around and playing chase with too.
 Our little cheeky monkey!

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