Monday, 21 July 2014

KCW Day 2

Today I started something I had cut out a while ago.  I have a weakness for dungarees/overalls.  That's actually one of the reasons I started sewing.  I wanted some nice, fairly plain dungarees for Freya and asked my Mum to go to Spotlight with me to choose some fabric.  She asked who was going to sew them and I decided I would.

This pattern was the Kangaroo pocket romper from Puperita and these are far from plain. I have used some of her other romper patterns and they came together very easily.  The instructions are clear with diagrams and photographs.  She is also a lovely designer who has messaged me a couple of times when I have purchased patterns.  I like many of her other designs too but Freya is at the end of some of the sizing and not quite at the beginning of the others.

These are lined with flannelette and I left off the pockets as this print is very busy. I'd had my eye on this fabric for a while and I'm very tempted to go back for more for a dress or a top. There were a couple of bits that had me puzzled but now I've made them once I think the next pair will go together much more quickly.  I haven't quite got them finished, just need to add the snaps tomorrow.

Sorry for the late night iPhone snaps but they're all I had time for :)

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