Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Playtime Tunic

I bought the Oliver and S Playtime dress pattern as soon as it came out but then the weather got warmer and I didn't make it until much later.  This is now a go-to pattern.  I think it would work with every piece of fabric I pick up.
So far I have limited myself to two. The first one was this dog and cat print.  This shade of blue isn't one I'm usually drawn to but this actually looks quite cute on Little Miss and goes with nearly everything.  I made this a tunic length and it's worked perfectly with leggings.  She can walk, crawl and play in this nicely and is very practical.

The second one was made in some balloon fabric from Kate and Birdie's storybook line.  I used the peachy coloured version but I reckon it could look pretty good in any of the fabric from this line.  I love this peachy tone.  It's girly without being overly pink.  

The construction of this pattern is very straightforward and I think I could sew it up in one evening now.  I was able to get both of these out of just one metre.  I think the next one I make may be in the dress length just to mix it up a bit and to help it last longer.

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